“creative, energetic, stylish and organized!”

Rachel is one of the most detailed oriented people I know. I completely trust her experience and taste and it felt great having her overseeing all details of Style for Hire. Rachel is creative, energetic, stylish and organized! I couldn’t have asked for a better woman on my team. She is fabulous.

Stacy London Co-Host of “What Not To Wear” and Founder of Style for Hire.




I've worked with Rachel and Company several times over the last two years for organizing projects and closet design services. As a busy parent, I appreciate the flexibility to work on one-off appointments over time, which have ranged from unpacking after a major renovation, organizing my kitchen and pantry, and redesigning and organizing my daughter's room and closet. Regardless of the size and scope of the project, Rachel and Company was able to produce results that are not only visually appealing, but also truly maximized the storage space in our home." - Beth M., Washington, DC

Beth M. Washington, DC

“worth every penny!”

Rachel is a dynamic and creative problem-solver. And the best part?  She's completely non-judgmental, so don't be afraid to get her expert advice.  She's worked with our family to create systems that help us communicate, deal with our clutter and manage our hectic lifestyles.  The end result?  We actually have more time together.   An investment in Rachel and Company's expert advice is worth every penny because it's an investment in you and your family. Just her hire and you'll thank me later.

Heather W. and David D. Takoma Park, MD



Incredible results! Rachel and Company organized, edited, and packed my house for a move that was divided between three homes and a storage unit. The move was so well-coordinated and I could sleep at night knowing that all details were safely in Rachel’s hands. Rachel foresees your needs before you do, which is a gift. I would recommend Rachel in a nano-second because she’s a miracle worker with the most hard-working and considerate team.

Alice H. Washington, DC


Rachel’s ability to motivate, encourage, and help generate willpower to accomplish goals is phenomenal.

Laurie C., Arlington, VA


“real solutions to our family's unique challenges.”

Rachel truly helps you to understand how to organize based on your lifestyle. As a fellow mom of twins, she understands how to set up a lifestyle system rather than just to come in and organize your home (that part is the bonus!). She has also taught me to really think about my purchases and to live a little "greener"! Thank you for recommending systems that work and provide real solutions to our family's unique challenges. 

Tara K. Darnestown, MD

“wonderful aesthetic sensibility”

I was living under the impression that I was organized and could manage everything myself. However, as things got busier at work, things increasingly seemed less orderly at home—and my dream that I could do it all was shattered! Thankfully, Rachel came into my life. She gave me valuable advice and to this day, I use her techniques and advice. She went on to plan my wedding, two work events and recently helped me get things in order for a move. She has a wonderful aesthetic sensibility and it is easy for me to hand anything to her…it’s heavenly!

Stephanie C. Washington, DC


“changed our life”

Getting clutter and disorganization under control REALLY changed our life. It seemed to free up some energy and our whole family is more at peace. After Rachel left my home organized, it seemed effortless to keep it that way, everything had its own place. Once the kitchen was done, I was hooked! I wanted that sense of calm for other areas in our house. We've tackled almost every room and it’s one of the best things I've done for myself and my family!

Nancy W. Bethesda, MD

“Even my marriage has benefitted”

Since working with Rachel I can find things easier, I am more calm, less stressed and even my visitors can put things away. Overall I am more organized! Rachel helped me purge, she has great ideas for change and she took on many tasks that I thought I would have to do. Even my marriage has benefitted from working with Rachel and I would recommend her services to anyone. Rachel is well worth the money.

Shannon P. Washington, DC