Seriously Shocking Statistics about your Paper Clutter

Paper organization, paper statisticsDid these numbers about paper shock you? They shocked me! Take a few minutes to think about all the paper laying around your home that you will probably never need or look at again. If you're like most people, it is probably taking up way too much precious space in your home.

But how can you know what to throw away, what to keep or what needs to be shredded? Then, what do you do with the paper that is left; the pages you actually need to hold onto?

Don't worry about that overwhelming feeling that is probably creeping up right about now making you either want to; A. Throw away all of your paper without even looking at it OR B. Keep everything and pretend it doesn't exist

We can help! We are just like you and have the same amount of paper that comes into our homes.

Join us for our next workshop on January 29, 2014, "Surefire Ways to Get Your Papers Organized" at in Kensington, MD. Regan and Meaghan Design Studio

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