Around the Home: Limited Cabinet Space

A lot of us have limited cabinet space and I have been getting a lot of questions about how to solve this issue lately. Here is one of the emails I got and my answer:

Question: I have limited cabinet space and only a small area to store my dish set (large plates, small plates, bowls, etc.). Right now they are piled on top of each other but it is a pain to get them out for meals and I am always worried they are going to come crashing out of the cabinet.

Signed, Cabinet Crasher

Answer: Hi Cabinet Crasher! I have the perfect solution, and it is beyond easy. A plate stand will work wonders in your cabinet. You can find one on our products mentioned in the playbook section. Basically what it does is stand on your shelf to create a second shelf in the space. You can put plates on the bottom and bowls on top and not have to shuffle them to get something from the bottom. They are a really affordable fix too and come in different sizes. Let me know how it works out for you.

Happy Organizing!

 XOXO Rachel