Living The Dream

RECENT MENTION: I was recently interviewed by Kim, a Career Coach at Pattern of Purpose for her LIVING THE DREAM series. It was truly such a fun interview to be a part of. I didn't know the questions ahead of time and it was a live interview so when I reflected back on things when it was over, I realized that I hadn't thought about a lot of these topics in quite awhile. Kim's living the dream interview was a great way for me to think about how my small business started and what lies ahead for 2016. Kim asked me a series of questions about my professional organizing business (how I started it, tough decisions I have made, who has mentored me, etc.) and other things about being a small business owner (see below). If you can get past my hands waiving all around (oy!), you can hopefully pull out a few nuggets that I share about living the dream as a #small business owner. A big thank you to Kim for interviewing me for her awesome living the dream series!

XOXO Rachel



1 | Why does someone need a professional organizer?

2 | How did you start your business?

3 | What is a tough decision you had to make in your business?

4 | What do you wish you knew when you were starting your career?

5 | Who has mentored you along the way?

6 | How do you over come competition and comparison?

7 | What's next for Rachel?