I wouldn't touch these organizing products with a 10 foot pole!

1433784460-label-maker-never-use-1-300x175I am sure many of you who read this blog and other organizing blogs, websites and magazines know all about the tools and products that professional organizers swear by. Whether it be plastic shoe boxes, over the door shoe pockets or drawer dividers, I'm sure you've read about them everywhere. In addition, I bet many of you may have even spent money on products you thought would help you get organized.  Think back to all of the so called "organizing" products you've purchased over the years. How many of them actually worked? Did you toss them, or are they taking up precious storage space in your home?

Don't worry, we've all been there. As an organizer, I've probably spent more time and money than the average person on new organizing products that were recommended to me or that looked great in the store. Trust me...most of them do not work. I like to stick with the oldies but goodies like plastic shoe boxes, slim felt hangers and of course, my label maker. 

Luckily as an organizer, testing all of these products so you don't have to is part of my job description. 

Last week, Good Housekeeping.com reached out to me to ask me a very interesting question, "what organizing products do I avoid?" Shockingly, I haven't been asked this question before in an interview. 

This got me thinking and before long, I had a very long list of products I avoid, products I would never buy and products I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole! What do all of these products have in common? They make organizing more difficult! The point of organizing is to make your life easier, not give you more to worry about. If you have worked with me, you know that I don't think products are the solution to our organizing issues but things that aid us in the overall process. As I normally say, they are step two, after the systems are put in place.

You can read the whole Good Housekeeping article here and see what I avoid as well as what some other professional organizers steer clear of. 

Have you had a bad experience with any of the products mentioned in this article? I'd love to know which products you stay away from. Please let us know in the comments. Remember, your comment may save someone else from wasting time and money on something you've already tried.

XOXO Rachel