How To Organize for Guests: Bedside Table

Rachel and Company Presents: Organizing for Guests - A Bedside Table Featuring The Poppin Pink Accessory Tray.

FACT: The holiday season is upon us which means whether you like it or not, guests will be coming and some of them will be staying! Whether it's planned in advance or the result of one too many drinks at your next holiday party, you can be organized and prepared for those staying overnight. Make it a little easier on yourself (and your guests) by doing things ahead of time. And here's to hopingthey don't overstay their welcome this year!

What You'll Need... — Something interesting/appealing to look at (flowers, a photo, etc.). It makes it look like you put in a lot of effort to their stay. — Shampoo, soap, toothpaste, tissues and a towel — toiletries so your guests can feel like they are at home or in hotel. — A note telling them to enjoy their stay and including any info you wouldn't want to be woken up for like the alarm code or the wifi password. — A little bowl for jewelry and other small items to be corralled, it'll make the space feel homey (and organized!).