Do You Have Too Much Clutter?

51bd8dd9dbd0cb1ec9001c1e._w.540_s.fit_ Do you have too much clutter?

Most of us are answering yes right now. And its OKAY, I am with you. Decluttering is an on going process, not something you do one time and your done. I would be lying if I said I had absolutely no clutter in my life. 

Rather than being hard on yourself about all the clutter, ask yourself, why it is there in the first place?

The simple truth is that most of the clutter we seeing laying around our homes is there because it doesn't have anywhere to go. If everything had a home in your house, there would be no reason to leave things cluttering your floors and other surfaces. 

Unfortunately there are only two solutions to this problem. 

1. gain more space OR 2. have less stuff

Unless you're looking to spend a whole lot of money putting an addition onto you house or getting very creative with storage, a lot of space is hard to create. The key here truly seems to be having less stuff. 

The only problem now is how truly difficult it is to get rid of our stuff. The trick is to start small and light before moving onto the things that you really want to purge. This article from Apartment Therapy has a fantastic list of easy things to get rid of that you won't miss at all. Here are a few, but you should definitely take a look at their entire list for more ideas. 

1. Coffee Mugs. These take up space! I can think of at least 3 I never use and can toss without even opening up the cabinet. 

2. Books. If you've read it and it's not your absolute favorite, there's no need to keep it. Give it to a friend to read or donate it to a local library. Books are heavy and also take up a lot of room. Just imagine the shelf space you'll gain. 

3. Food Storage Containers. Another easy one that you definitely won't miss but has the ability to free up an entire cabinet. 

So start small and toss the things you won't miss. Once you get going, it will be that much easier to move onto the items you're a bit more attached too. Now, I want to hear from you. What are some items that you find easy to purge? What items are more difficult for you? Leave a comment, I can't wait to read them all!