Appointed TO DOs Notebook: My New Obsession

Rachel and Company: TO DO's Notebook Obsession- AppointedI have found the perfect TO DOs notebook in my Appointed notebook. And for those of you that are writers with your TO DOs, I am sure you know the excitement of when you find "the one" notebook to make it all possible. You know, that one notebook that enables you to organize all your TO DOs just how you need and want to? Or organize all your thoughts, projects and dreams in one beautifully crafted space. Over the years, once I finally figured out that I was a writer of my TO DOs (despite fighting the urge to go digital), I went through a million TO DOs notebooks. I wanted function and form together. I wanted lined pages for categorizing, plain pages for free flowing thoughts and the feeling of wanting and needing to use this TO DOs notebook on a daily basis. Was it too much to ask?

So, just how did I find my new Appointed notebook? It was true trial and error. I know you don't really want to hear that and just want me to say, go out an buy this notebook right now (of course you CAN do that and wouldn't it be great if this was actually an ad for Appointed: it is not!) but I wouldn't be doing my job as an organizing expert if that were the case.

You truly have to make your TO DOs notebook work for you. Only you know the way you organize your to dos, the way your thoughts flow onto paper and what you need to do to get and stay organized. PS: If you need help, let me know!

To find your new TO DOs notebook obsession, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Are you are TO DOs notebook person to begin with? Do you write your to dos down? Are you a person that makes a physical list on paper? Do you use your iPhone or computer to keep track of your daily to dos? How to do find ease and organization with your to do's?
  2. If you are a TO DOs notebook person: Take a week of to do's and look out how you are best organize them. For example, do you make a list on blank paper? Do you use the lines on paper to create different to do's or categories? How much space to you typically like to use to write things down? Do you keep all the pages in a notebook together? Do you like to rip things out?
  3. Think about what colors, patterns and textures you enjoy looking at daily. Do you naturally gravitate towards one color, pattern or texture? Is there a size of to do's notebook that would best work with your lifestyle?
  4. Gather all the data from above and start exploring and using the top few notebooks that you believe will work for your TO DOs.

While this all might seem like a lot of steps for finding the perfect TO DOs notebook, I can tell you that it is worth it. Having a TO DOs notebook where I can feel organized with my TO DOs, thoughts, ideas and beyond is life changing. And it doesn't hurt that I think the one I have is gorgeous and works well with my on-the-go lifestyle!

Now, have you found your perfect TO Do's notebook? Do you have a TO DOs notebook you are obsessed about as I am about my Appointed one? Inquiring minds want to know. Let me know in the comments.

And to take things a step further, I challenge you to sit down for a week and figure out just what kind of TO DOs notebook you might need. Please report back what you find!

XOXO Rachel