How was your week? I made progress in swapping out my makeup and skincare items (though it wasn’t easy) and this weekend I’m taking time to prep for the next month ahead.


Lo and Son - The Catalina

I have a couple of quick day and overnight trips on my schedule, and I like to keep my packing to a minimum...both in how long I spend preparing and how many items I bring. For me, the luggage I use completely determines how much I allow myself to bring. For years I was using large rolling suitcases for every trip, but I found myself packing extra items just to fill up the space (why bring 3 shirts when I could fit 12?). I realized that space was a common problem for people, not only when it came to packing. I’ve worked in beautiful, large homes where families have accumulated so much stuff because, well, there was space to store it. Don’t let extra space give you a free pass to store clutter!

I’ve since changed my habit and it’s made traveling so much simpler for me. After hearing rave reviews I purchased this weekender bag and have carried it with me on every quick trip since. It’s lightweight yet sturdy (and comfortable) enough to schlep everything I need, and it has compartments for shoes and zippered compartments to keep essentials separated. Win-win-win!

Have an upcoming trip? Here’s a packing list to help you get started, and a blank version if you want to start from scratch and customize based on your needs.