The Celebrity Closets Among Us

Last week, I came across an article on Harper's, “Beauty Vanity: Lisa Vanderpump Gets Real,” with photos of the Bravo TV! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star's elegant and decadent closet. I love anything Bravo (guilty pleasure). I also love designing closets. Sure, I could lounge in Lisa’s luxurious closet for hours, enjoy a few cups of tea (maybe even champagne) with Giggy as my wingman, but what’s really important when designing (or revamping) your closet? ce062ec1-f4e9-4964-b169-8c4a4750a390

We want our closets to be pretty, yes, but also functional. Closets have clear purposes: to store your clothing and keep it nice and organized. The celebrity closet has an allure that sometimes feels out of reach. Since "life isn't all diamonds and rosé (but it should be)," as Lisa says, we think we are stuck with our current closets, which could be anything less than chic. Maybe you have mounds of clothes pushed and shoved, or sheets spilling over each other. No space. No order. No sustainable or lasting organization. But you know, there are so many ways to remodel or revamp your closet.

For instance, I worked with a couple in Washington, DC to redesign their closets. While we did not change the footprint of the closets, which we sometimes do, we kept the frame the same and redid the interiors. They were both long and narrow closets. First, I spoke with each of them about what was bothering them the most about their closets. She needed more closed drawer space, as she had tons of shelves where things would fall off of, and the bins she used were not working. We built several sized drawers, along with one for laundry, into her closet. Some drawers were for jewelry, and bigger ones for t-shirts, exercise/workout items, pjs, etc. We took into consideration how many hanging items she had compared to shelf-items — like shoes, boots, and hats — and made sure everything was adjustable to customize as her life changed. We even organized the closet by category — from business looks to gym clothes — and color, so she could easily grab what she needed to get dressed on a daily basis.

Here are some of my closet designs (with tips below):

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What to consider before you begin making changes to your closet:

  • What’s your budget? The sky is the limit, but you can also make changes to your closet very inexpensively, so don’t let budget hinder you. There are many changes you can make on your own. For instance, buy new shelving, install hooks and racks. Use shelf dividers. Add a hanging rack to the back of your closet door for purses, bags, or belts. Use hanging compartments for shoes.
  • What’s bothering you the most?
  • Do you share a closet with someone else?
  • How do you want the space to function?
  • What do you wear on a typical basis? That’s what you want in the front of your closet. More formal items (unless you’re like Lisa Vanderpump), you may consider placing in the back.
  • Think about the last time you decluttered your closet and also your shopping habits, for the addition and subtraction. One thing in, one thing out, or do you build in more room for anticipated shopping sprees?
  • Overall look and feel. Browse Pinterest or magazines, pull and save, then create a Pinterest board, which you can show to your closet designer, or even use yourself to make DIY changes.

I challenge you to answer the questions above and describe your dream closet in great detail. I would recommend writing it down. What are your biggest challenges? What are your biggest closet dreams? How might you go about redesigning, reorganizing, or revamping your closet? Make the plans, take a step, and begin today. Some of the biggest transformations begin in your own space. I encourage you to comment below, share your story, and one of your favorite celebrity closets. Although I’ve seen a lot of them, I have not seen all of them, and I always enjoy them — whether I long for them, marvel at them, or gawk at them! Please share with friends.




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