Rachel and Company is a full-service professional organizing firm specializing in home organization, closet design, and home moves in the Washington, DC area, and beyond.

Hi, I am Rachel, a busy working mom, professional organizer, closet designer, and creator of organized in a box™.

Born and raised in Bethesda, MD, I turned my passion for organization into a business I love after deciding that being a lawyer was not for me. I wanted to use my talents to help people while doing something I truly enjoyed. Shortly after, I found out I was expecting identical twin girls!

When my life suddenly went from no kids to mommy of two, I had to reorganize everything, and I haven’t looked back since. I went from being a JD on Capitol Hill to owning my own business as a professional organizer, then to Director of Operations at Style for Hire — a national personal styling company co-founded by celebrity stylist Stacy London of TLC’s “What Not to Wear” — and finally back to my own business, Rachel and Company. 

So what makes me qualified?

I am type-A and truly love to organize. I strive and function best in an organized space. I live by a routine and love it. I am a list maker and even write things on my lists just to cross them off. But most of all, I understand where you’re coming from. I understand that we all have stuff — stuff that clutters our homes, our schedules, and our lives — and I am here to help you organize that stuff so that you can be more productive and focus your energy on what matters most in your life.  

My commitment is to bring organizing solutions for your life through what I have lived and learned and to be realistic with whatever I share. I am not perfect (and I don't pretend to be) and my house isn't always neat which if that is what you are looking for, I am not sure I am your gal! I am just like you. I get it and we have to be flexible yet resourceful with our solutions. I am a big believer that there is a difference in something being neat versus organized. 

I am a TODAY Parenting Contributor and my work and organizing tips have been recognized in the press, including Better Homes and Gardens, Martha StewartWoman’s Day, The Wall Street Journal, Real SimpleThe Washington Post, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post MagazineGood Housekeeping, US News and World Report and NBC4. My realistic approach to organization and focus on creating manageable solutions that tie into a home’s existing aesthetic has contributed to Rachel and Company's success.

Since 2007, Rachel and Company has worked with over 1,500 families and has partnered with prominent family-centered home and lifestyle brands on campaigns that often include media opportunities. We've created partnerships, giveaways, and hosted events with a portfolio of brands, including The Container Store, West Elm, Poppin, Savor, Kit + Ace, Wayfair and Mintwood Home, and more.

Together with my team, we pride ourselves on creating realistic organizing solutions and systems to make a home more functional and joyously livable. Click here to learn more about how we work.


Lindsey Huggins
PRESS & ONLINE MEDIA MANAGER | Principal Onsite Organizer

Favorite thing in your home: “My art collection. My grandfather was an artist and several of his pieces are on display.”

All time favorite organizing product: “Drawer storage. Anything to corral loose items (paper clips, socks, bobby bins) and keep them from sliding around.”

Least organized/messiest area of your home: “My party and wrapping supplies. I’m a sucker for cute paper goods.”

Item or area you just have to have organized: “My clothes. Color and type-coding keeps me sane.”

Fictional character you would want as your best friend: “Jim Halpert”



Favorite thing in your home: “Anything that reminds me of being back home in Tucson.”

All time favorite organizing product: “I have a simple desk organizer with little compartments for all of my office supplies. It makes finding things so easy!

Least organized/messiest area in your home: Photo boxes and CDs. I would love to digitize these to free up much-needed space.

Item or area you just have to have organized: Entry-way mail station. It's the first thing I see when I open the door, and I feel like it sets the mood for our home.

Fictional character you would want as your best friend: Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. Her optimism and determination are so endearing... and she makes me laugh.



Alexis Keller
Associate | Onsite Organizer

Favorite thing in your home: “My bed! And all of the pillows on it. :)”

All time favorite organizing product: “Shoe organizers.”

Least organized/messiest area in your home: “The cabinet under the sink in my bathroom.”

Item or area you just have to have organized: “My closet/dresser drawers. I have to be able to see my clothing/find a specific article of clothing I'm looking for or I go crazy.”

Fictional character you would want as your best friend: “Ron Weasley”